Jolu natural cosmetics: solid shampoo, solid shower gel and hair care soap

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The name Jolu Naturkosmetik stands for sustainable products for people and the environment

Solid shampoo from Jolu - natural hair care without silicone

Shampoo bars are the modern and sustainable answer to the question of natural and environmentally conscious hair care. Our solid hair shampoo does not contain any silicone in the ingredients or plastic in the packaging. The solid shampoo ensures smooth and well-groomed hair. We use mild, powdery surfactants, plant extracts and nourishing oils - that is natural wellness for the hair. Our shampoo bar products do not contain any artificial ingredients or colorings, have a delicate scent and are nourishing with valuable oils. An environmentally friendly cardboard box as packaging ensures hygienic and easy transport.

Jolu solid shower gel and shower soap - conscious body care with natural cosmetics

With our shower bars, we offer care soaps that foam up and at the same time do not dry out the skin. This is how sustainable and environmentally conscious body care works. In our shower bars, soft foam and high-quality argan oil form a soothing combination. Jolu solid shower gel or shower soap use plant-based ingredients for gentle cleansing and skin care - without harming the environment and using plastic as packaging. Jolu shower soap does not dry out the skin and gives a smooth and pleasant skin feeling. Our solid shower gels and shower soaps from our shower bar are adapted to different skin types. For sensitive skin or skin with special requirements, you will find the right care product among our shower bars. Whether lemon, lavender or rosemary - Jolu solid shower gel and shower soap ensure a shower experience with all the senses.

Jolu Hair Care Soap - sustainable conditioner for your hair

Like our skin, our hair is exposed to a variety of environmental influences. It sometimes reacts irritably to what it is exposed to every day, becomes dry, rough or split. Whether sun, heating air or chlorine - various factors influence the appearance and texture of our hair. Jolu Hair Care Soap is the perfect, environmentally conscious conditioner for hair that needs special care and careful attention. Our hair care products are convincing because they are effective, meet different needs and contribute to the beauty of your hair. They give your hair the sustainable care it needs. Whether your hair is difficult to brush, dry or greasy - you will find the right product for every type of hair in our care bar.

Natural cosmetics: gentle care for your skin

There are many ways you can care for your skin. A particularly gentle choice that avoids unnecessary stress from synthetic additives is natural cosmetics. It is composed of purely plant-based ingredients and deliberately avoids synthetic additives, as these often do more harm than good to the skin. At Jolu, you will only find natural cosmetics that are made by hand. We select all ingredients with the greatest care so that you can rely on individual and beneficial care for your skin.

Raw materials from sustainable cultivation

Sustainability starts with the raw material! We are convinced of this. For this reason, we only use raw materials for vegan natural cosmetics that come from sustainable cultivation. This way we can guarantee that the environment is not unnecessarily polluted or that questionable additives do not end up in the cosmetics. We work closely with the producers and suppliers of our raw materials. Our vegan natural cosmetics are also based on raw materials that can be quickly degraded by the environment and are also recyclable, so that sustainable use is possible.

Gentle production

Our vegan natural cosmetics should primarily care for you gently and sustainably. For this reason, we pay attention to a particularly gentle production, in which the important nutrients and ingredients of the plants are preserved. We largely avoid artificial colors and preservatives in our vegan natural cosmetics . These always contain substances that are questionable for the skin and also involve a considerable allergy risks. You can not only feel the high quality that goes into our vegan natural cosmetics. You can smell and see them too.