How does Washing Your Hands with Soap Powder Work?

Händewaschen mit Seifenpulver

Make your own liquid soap with soap powder and protect the environment

Sustainable household management and personal hygiene is a very important topic in many families. Soap powder, for example, makes an important contribution to a plastic-free bathroom. What exactly is behind it and how can it be used? "Soap powder is the simple, intelligent and obvious alternative to liquid soap from plastic dispensers or large plastic refill bags. Consumers can use it to mix soap of the desired viscosity themselves by simply adding the appropriate amount of water," explains Carina Benkert, Managing Director of Jolu Naturkosmetik. The company is specialized in handmade and natural cosmetics. Soap powder is one of the newest products in the Jolu range and is also available in the online shop.

Mix the soap powder, let it stand - and you're done.

You don't need much equipment to make your own powdered soap for washing your hands. The soap powder, which is available in different fragrances, can easily be mixed with water in a given amount and filled into a dispenser. For example, you can use an empty plastic soap dispenser or a pump bottle, which is available in any conventional DIY store or in the Jolu Shop. The dosage is given: Jolu recommends about one teaspoon of soap powder to 100 ml of water. After ten minutes of resting, the soap is ready for use. It can be used like conventional liquid soap from the drugstore, but is environmentally friendly at the same time. Since it is supplied as a powder, the transport weight is considerably reduced. At the same time, the cleaning effect is high and the compatibility good. "This is because Jolu deliberately avoids any irritating ingredients or ingredients that dry out the skin, so that chapped or cracked skin is not to be expected even after frequent hand washing," emphasises the natural cosmetics expert.

"Soap powder is one of our most sustainable products".

When Carina Benkert talks about Jolu Naturkosmetik's soap powder, she describes it as one of the company's most sustainable options: "Soap powder is one of our most sustainable products. Because it not only contributes to a plastic-free bathroom, but also consists of 100 per cent vegan and animal-free ingredients. With our soap powder, we particularly meet our demands for sustainable hygiene. I am convinced that there is hardly any other product that makes it so easy to implement sustainability in your own household," emphasises the expert for natural cosmetics.