how to use Soap Powder?

Seife aus Pulver ist eine gute Alternative

For vegan and environmentally conscious consumers, powdered soap is a good alternative.

Vegan is the new Organic. An increasing number of consumers are consciously turning to products made from purely plant-based ingredients. This includes powder soap from the certified natural cosmetics company Jolu. Consumers who are vegan, are consciously opting for products based on plant origin, in the production of which no animals are involved. The consumption trend is not only limited to the menu with the renunciation of foods such as meat, fish, milk or eggs. The vegan concept is much more holistic: Living vegan means consciously using clothes, cosmetics or other things for daily use that do not contain animal ingredients or animal testing. Vegan can therefore also be products of daily use such as cosmetics, hygiene products - or even soap powder.

Soap powder does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

Among many other products, soap powder is one of the 100 percent vegan natural cosmetics offered by Jolu. "Our powdered soap contains no ingredients of animal origin. All ingredients of the soap powder are purely vegetable. We are deliberately appealing to vegan consumers, but also to all those who want to live according to sustainability. And our soap powder is sustainable in many ways," emphasises Carina Benkert, Managing Director of Jolu Naturkosmetik. Because water is added to the powder just before use, the transport weight of soap powder is significantly lower and leaves a smaller ecological footprint in its logistics. In addition, it does not need waterproof packaging, so the powder for liquid soap can be transported in an environmentally conscious way in a cardboard box.

Soap made from powder - a vegan and sustainable reference product for Jolu Naturkosmetik

Another aspect makes the soap powder a real vegan and sustainable product for Carina Benkert: "Our soap powder is completely free of microplastics and has a lower soap concentration when mixed with liquid soap than conventional liquid soap from discounters. It contains neither silicones nor parabens nor polyethylene. It is therefore comparatively easy and less energy-intensive to filter out or dissolve from wastewater in sewage treatment plants."