Bath pralines the cherry on the cake of every full bath

Our bath pralines are the cherry on the cake of any full bath. One or two pieces melt slowly in warm water, nourishing the skin with precious cocoa and shea butter or jojoba oil, pamper the senses with the flowery scents of lilac and rose, soothe with gentle herbal notes of rosemary, spruce needle or eucalyptus, revitalise with citrus or orange.

These high-quality bath pralines provide a fragrant, creamy bathing experience in the tub.

High-quality shea butter from first hand and valuable cocoa butter & jojoba oil provide the skin with important care and nutrients. 
In addition, they ensure optimal moisturising of the skin after the bath and make it soft, supple and tender.


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There's nothing like a relaxing full bath - just take a break from everyday life and leave it behind. Moments that you can have all to yourself, let your soul dangle and leave the stress of everyday life behind. Bring a touch of wellness home with the nourishing and fragrant bath pralines.