Social projects

Wherever we buy our raw materials, we try to return something back to our partners. Attitude is especially important to us. From Uganda we cover our biocertificated Sheabutter. In the north of Uganda we shop directly, without intertraders and beside the payment from Fairly Trade to prices, we support the project Wakisa Ministries. This initiative supports young girls who have become pregnant unintentionally.

From the south of Morocco we import our Arganoil and our new Cactusoil to Germany. There we support the resident women's initiative, the co-operative _Coopérative Tighanimine Filahia_ which gives a new perspective to the women who weren't allowed to work before their entry to the co-operative or had been pushed to the edge of society as widows or divorced women. The Coopérative was distinguished several times concerning quality, lastingness and contact with the people.

Also in Germany we are involved and work together with social facilities. The Peenewerkstätten here in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, support us with the labelling and producing of our packaging.

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