The quality of our products

People always used the treasures which the nature offers us. For their food. For their health. For their well-being. We want to handle it the same way with Jolu.

Only the best and natural ingredients prove products which maintain skin and hair, body and mind, spoil, stimulate. What one see, feel, smell and even can read up. Since all Jolu products are checked by an independent test institute.

So importantly naturalness and lastingness with the raw materials of our products are to us, That is so essential to us also with our packaging. Reusable of glass or equally completely from natural raw materials like sugarcane or maize, these are environmentally friendly, in any case – from the production up to the dismantling without remains.

Our products are only so good and lasting, like the raw materials which we use for it. Thus we cover our Sheabutter from Uganda, from the region of Pader. Since the Sheanuts from Uganda and the oils and butter made from it are in composition and kind of the production the best which the world market has to offer. We have convinced ourselves of it personally and especially for the relation of this high-quality raw material have closed a cooperation with the Blessed Organic release in Pader (Uganda).