Shower gel powder for sustainable and gentle body hygiene

As a provider of natural cosmetics, it is our daily concern to make our products sustainable, environmentally friendly and plastic-free. Our shower gel powder is fully in line with this company tradition and combines many advantages of environmentally conscious body care in one product. We consistently pursue the low-waste idea and ensure the reduction of CO2, because we omit water in our sophisticated and carefully thought-out recipe and thus reduce the transport weight. Our shower powder does not contain silicones, microplastics or disposable packaging. The principle: water is added to the shower powder just before use, creating a shower gel that meets all the requirements for high-quality and ecologically safe body hygiene.
In developing the recipe for our shower gel powder, we made use of the fact that cosmetic products usually consist of up to 90 percent water. Leaving out the water has many advantages: the shower gel in powder form is easier to transport and does not need plastic packaging. Environmentally conscious consumers can mix the powder themselves at home and store it in reusable packaging, such as our shower gel bottle made of bioplastic. At the same time, our shower gel powder meets all the requirements for gentle and sustainable body hygiene. It creates a pleasant fragrance and a good feeling on the skin.

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Shower powder: Make your own shower gel with powder

The preparation of Jolu shower powder is very simple. The powder is mixed with 200 ml of water in a container. The amount of water added can be used to control the viscosity in the way of gel-like or more liquid - just as you like. If you prefer your shower gel to be a little more viscous, simply add less water. The ready-mixed shower gel can be used like a conventional shower gel and is used in the shower with water to cleanse the body. The pH value of the finished shower gel is in the skin-friendly range and is moisturising, lubricating and gentle on the skin.

Natural ingredients in Jolu shower powder

When we talk about the ingredients of our shower powder, we first point out what we deliberately avoid in the formulation: Our shower powder is completely free of parabens, silicones and micro plastics, even in liquid form. We also do not use palm oil in our shower powder. All ingredients of Jolu shower powder are vegan and have been tested without animal testing. Our shower powder is 100 percent biodegradable. Its sustainable formula allows wastewater to be better treated in sewage treatment plants.

Shower gel powder with different fragrances

Those who use sustainable cosmetics and body hygiene like our shower gel powder do not have to do without pleasant fragrances. We offer our shower gel powder in different fragrances that have an invigorating or harmonising, relaxing or refreshing effect. We use natural aromatic substances that we have carefully selected. So how about a freshness kick with shower powder in the Bergamot Mint fragrance? The Lemon Grass fragrance also has an activating effect on the body and senses. Harmonising and calming, on the other hand, is the shower gel powder with the aromas Mandarin and Grapefruit Vanilla.

Shower gel bottle made from organic plastic

We see ourselves as a complete provider of natural cosmetics and body hygiene products. We make no exception to this when it comes to the packaging of our products and ensure sustainability from the mindful selection of ingredients to the shipping and packaging of our range. Many of our customers who use shower powder rely on our organic plastic shower gel bottle to store the ready-mixed shower gel made from natural ingredients in environmentally friendly packaging for use in the shower. Our shower gel bottle made of bio-plastic is a dispenser made of 100 percent bio-plastic. The raw material from which the shower gel bottle is made is produced from sugar cane and is counted among the bio-based plastics. What does that mean in concrete terms? The bio-based plastic is completely petroleum-free and is made from renewable raw materials. It helps to reduce CO2 emissions and avoid greenhouse gas emissions. When it is disposed of or incinerated, the bio-plastic only releases the amount of CO2 that the plant from which the bottle was made previously absorbed. At the same time, the container is in no way inferior to a conventional PET product in terms of its properties but is characterised by 100% recyclability. The shower gel bottles made of bio-plastic can be returned to the cycle after use or in case of damage. This means that fresh plastic granulate is produced from the material already used, from which new bottles can be made. In this aspect, our shower gel bottles fit perfectly into our product range, which is focused on sustainability and careful recycling management, and with which we support the plastic-free and sustainable bathroom. The shower gel bottles in our range are characterised by extreme durability and high quality, from which both our customers and the environment benefit.

Sustainability and responsibility towards people and nature - that's what Jolu Naturkosmetik stands for.

Responsibility towards people and nature - this motto is the guiding principle of our business activities. The name Jolu is associated with certified natural cosmetics made from sustainable, mostly vegan raw materials that are not tested on animals. Every day, we live up to the high standards we set for ourselves and our products. We pay attention to reliable, high-quality and fairly traded, certified raw materials, which we obtain directly and without intermediaries. We pay fair trade prices and support social projects in the countries from which we import our raw materials. We know our suppliers personally and maintain a relationship of equals. When manufacturing our natural cosmetic products in Germany, we rely, among other things, on the support of people with physical disabilities in the Peene workshops. Our shower powder is an example of this high level of product responsibility. Simply convince yourself and become part of a movement that lives sustainably and in accordance with generational needs.



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