Shower Gel

A full bath is pleasant, relaxing, caring and pampering all the senses. It's no different with the "little bath" for every day, the shower. This is proved by our vegan shower gels. Bergamot and mint, mandarin and lemongrass, grapefruit and green tea, supported by the finest almond oil guarantee a fresh, lively start to every day and complement it perfectly.

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We pay attention to the ingredients and sustainable packaging of all our products. All bottles are made of Green PE and are made from sugar cane. They belong to the group of bio-based plastics. The advantages of Green PE are based, among other things, on the fact that the raw materials are renewable and they are 100% petroleum-free. In addition, the products made from Green PE are 100% recyclable.

But the nourishing ingredients are also tough. Whether in the scent of bergamot mint, mandarin lemongrass or grapefruit vanilla, all shower gels contain natural surfactants and the added almond oil additionally cares for the skin.