Facial Care with High Quality Natural Cosmetics

Native rose, sea buckthorn and evening primrose, Matcha tea from Japan or African shea butter, freshly harvested from the high-quality Ugandan shea nut, are the natural essences that meet the individual requirements of every skin type.

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High-quality natural cosmetics from Jolu - always a good choice

Every day, skin and hair are exposed to innumerable environmental and nutritional stresses, especially from the care you have been using. Go one step further with us and opt for natural cosmetics that care for your skin. Our high-quality natural cosmetics are made from selected raw materials. We pay attention to raw materials from organic production in order to avoid unnecessary exposure to harmful substances.

Natural cosmetics with the best that nature has to offer

Our organic cosmetics consist of high-quality natural active ingredients. In addition to Bio Matcha from Japan or Bio Argan oil from Morocco, only the best from nature is used for the production of creams, masks and shampoos. Natural care substances have an intensive and gentle effect without overloading the skin. If you long for organic cosmetics with a particularly pleasant fragrance, our rose blossom water or Shea cream is exactly the right choice.

Organic cosmetics for every skin type

Here you will find high-quality natural cosmetics for every skin type. We have both rose cream and shea butter available for you. If you have particularly dry skin that tends to crack quickly and also feels rough, our body creams are just the right choice. We also present face mask sets, the composition of which is adapted to every skin type. We also have a selection of organic cosmetics, especially for children. For example, we have developed a particularly gentle lip balm for young users.

Face Care

Facial care is more than just a product - it is an attitude to life and lifestyle. Nothing reflects our personality stronger: Luck, joy, laughter – all this appears in eyes, mouth and last but not least in our skin. Our facial care is 100% natural and renounces all ingredients which can irritate sensitive skin. Already the Egyptian queen Kleopatra knew how to use the maintaining effect of natural materials like milk and honey. Besides, in view of the best possible skin compatibility, our facial care is free from preservatives, alcohol and artificial odoriferous substances.

Whether the gentle cleaning and the beguiling tender smell of our rose water for a rosy appearance or the moisturizing and maintaining oil of the Moroccan Arganberry for ripe skin and for a natural Anti-Aging effect. With our natural cosmetics facial care, you can really pamper your skin.