Body Care

Gift Set - Body Care
Gift set in a basket:
  • 1x shea cream 
  • 1x hand cream 
  • 1x deodorant stick 
  • 1x body oil 
  • 1x body butter
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Natural skin care for every skin type and requirement.

The skin is not only one of the largest human organs, it is also a kind of protective layer. Every day it is confronted with countless factors and stressful situations. Over time, the skin reacts with minor injuries, but also with a lack of elasticity and dryness. In order to relieve your skin, you should use a skin care product every day that suits you and supports you optimally. We offer natural skin care for every skin type. Our skin care products are made from selected raw materials, for which we place great value on high-quality standards from the very beginning.

What advantages does natural skin care offer you?

Creams and lotions have been part of everyday life for a long time now. Many consumers, therefore, ask themselves why they should pay particular attention to natural skin care. In comparison to conventional skin care products, natural skin care is much more gentle. It avoids overstraining the skin. In order to really care for your skin and not to stress it, we rely on creams and lotions that are free of silicones, stabilizers and preservatives.

Natural skin care without microplastics

Another advantage that our natural skin care offers you is the lack of microplasticity. Microplastics not only put a strain on your body, but they also put a strain on the environment, as the microscopic plastic particles pollute seas and beaches for example. We offer you natural skin care in different variations. So we are very proud to present you different body oils and creams. Here we combine natural skin care substances such as orange and sandalwood. Even if you are looking for a perfume alternative, you will find it with us. We have a Deo Stick with ginger and lime ready for you.

Natural body care - the good body feeling all day long

Cleaning, peeling and maintenance – these are the three basic needs of a taut, nice and velvet-soft skin. Even if the biggest attention and care is given the face mostly, you can also do a lot of great things to your body skin.

Our personal care is based on natural and purely herbal ingredients which hold the protecting cover of our body in healthy balance. Natural oils maintain and provide for tender soft skin. Essences from natural fruits refresh and animate. Precious plant essences adjust the humidity household and refine the skin. We avoid strictly injurious or argumentative ingredients like silicones, Parabens, paraffin or other oil products. Your skin will thank you later for that.