Soap powder: Plastic-free and sustainable natural product for hand washing.

Our soap powder follows in the tradition of our sustainable and ecologically oriented product range. It can easily be used to make liquid soap that combines sustainability and gentle skin care. Stirred into liquid soap, it can be used for washing hands, for example, without leaving a dry feeling on the skin. It is particularly suitable for people who value a plastic-free and sustainable bathroom. Those who tend to have dry skin will also benefit from the mild formulation of our soap powder, which not only moisturises but also contains antibacterial ingredients. Our soap powder is available in apple and lemon fragrances.

Making soap from powder yourself - how does it work?

Jolu soap powder is very easy to mix into liquid soap with water. To do this, mix the appropriate amount of soap powder with water in a specified mixing ratio. The viscosity of the soap can be varied by mixing the soap powder and water. We recommend one teaspoon of soap powder to 100 ml of water. Four teaspoons to 100 ml makes the soap a little more viscous. This way, environmentally conscious customers can decide for themselves whether their soap should be more gel-like or liquid. The soap powder is simply stirred into the appropriate amount of water and stirred again after ten minutes. Then the liquid soap made from soap powder is ready. But even in a mixing ratio with less soap powder, the finished liquid soap cleans efficiently and with effective cleaning power.

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The advantages of soap powder for people and the environment

Our soap powder has many advantages for people and the environment. It is easier to pack in an environmentally friendly way because the water is added just before use. The lower transport weight leads to a smaller ecological footprint because less CO2 is consumed during transport. Due to the lower concentration of soap in the finished liquid soap, residues of the completely plastic-free product can be filtered out more easily in the sewage treatment plant. The soap is completely free of silicones, parabens, polyethene and microplastics in liquid form.

This aspect was particularly important to us when formulating the recipe for our soap powder. The lower the concentration of soap, the less effort is required to filter it out later in the sewage treatment plant and to dissolve it from the water. On the other hand, the higher the concentration of soap in the water, the more energy is needed to remove residues from the water. Moreover, this is not always completely successful, so that residues of soap can remain in the water cycle. It is precisely this development that we want to counter with our soap powder and its low dosage in the finished liquid soap.

What does 100 percent vegan mean?

Consumers are increasingly opting for an ecological lifestyle. The term "vegan" has become a key term used to describe an environmentally conscious, ecological and animal-friendly product. Like many other products from Jolu Naturkosmetik, our soap powder is 100 percent vegan. This means that it does not contain any ingredients that come from animal origin. All the ingredients in our powder for making liquid soap are purely plant-based.

That is why we also rely on animal-free and plastic-free ingredients for our soap powder.

Jolu Naturkosmetik stands for sustainable and ecological living. Our products are made with respect for people, animals and the environment. We live sustainability and ecological awareness in our everyday business and carry this philosophy into our products. That is why we make a point of ensuring that neither our products nor the ingredients we use in our soap powder, for example, have been tested on animals. We are proud that we can label our soap powder as animal-free. In addition, we also completely avoid plastic in our soap powder, both in the packaging and in the formulation for our products. Our soap powder is 100 percent plastic-free and stands for environmentally conscious daily hand washing. We can legitimately say that our soap powder is one of our most sustainable products.

Bamboo soap dispenser for shower gel and powdered soap

If you make your own soap from powder, you need a suitable container or soap dispenser to make daily use as convenient as possible. Our bamboo soap dispenser meets all the requirements for a sustainable and recyclable reusable product. The attractive combination of bamboo and metal also makes the soap dispenser an eye-catcher in the bathroom. The dispenser head can be easily twisted off so that the container can be filled. Its capacity is 200 ml. The soap dispenser is therefore perfect for liquid soap made from soap powder. After filling, the pump dispenser is simply twisted back into place. The soap can be removed with a light press on the pump button.

Jolu natural cosmetics: natural care and environmentally conscious hygiene are our strengths

Sustainability, social responsibility and respectful use of natural resources are the guiding principles of our corporate actions at Jolu Naturkosmetik. Every day, we demonstrate with our products that fair working conditions, sustainable business and ecological action can be well reconciled. The result is natural cosmetic products that make daily body care something special and give you a good feeling in every aspect.

We offer certified natural cosmetics such as our soap powder to consumers who have consciously decided on a sustainable and ecologically oriented lifestyle, who are committed to the low waste idea and who want to completely do without plastic in the bathroom. We give you access to natural products and natural cosmetics that promote and support this lifestyle, that are produced in harmony with nature and that meet all the requirements of high-quality natural body hygiene.

We pay careful attention to fair wages for our suppliers and involve people with physical disabilities in the production of our products. We support social projects in the countries from which we import our Shea butter, for example, and maintain personal contact with the farms that supply us with resources.



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