Body care without microplastics: Solid shower gel and shower soap

Festes Duschgel ohne Mikroplastik

Solid shower gel / shower soap is environmentally conscious care without microplastics.

Solid shower gel and shower soap are simple ways to avoid microplastics in the bathroom. Even if many consumers are already relying on environmentally conscious personal hygiene, the reality is still different: If the plastic bottle with shower gel is empty, the next plastic packaging is taken out of the bathroom cabinet and off you go. This attitude creates a veritable sea of ​​plastic. According to the Plastic Atlas 2019, on average, each person in Germany collects 38 kilograms of plastic each year. But even small changes in behavior can reduce the constantly growing mountain of plastic.

Solid shower gel: Why shower soap is conquering bathrooms

Starting in the bathroom: By switching to solid shower gel for daily personal hygiene, plastic waste can be avoided. The shower soap is foamed when it comes into contact with water and the foam can be distributed over the body Of course, solid shower gel can also first be passed over a washcloth and this can be used. If you choose shower soap, you will noticeably reduce your own household waste. In addition, no bottles with shower residue end up in the trash can, as the shower soap is completely used up So you do without several plastic bottles a year and that without sparing on cleaning and skincare. The opposite is the case.

Shower soap is often more nourishing as a solid shower gel

A solid shower gel not only reduces tons of plastic waste. Manufacturers like Jolu, who avoid microplastics and other harmful substances in their products, make further contributions: Ecosystems are relieved at this point as well and people's health is supported at the same time. Natural body care is in trendy. Since nature already has the best answers to questions of body hygiene, there is no need for synthetic substances to harmonize skincare and hygiene in an environmentally conscious way. Instead, plant extracts and nourishing oils are used. This is evident in olfactory perception, as solid shower gel displaces both the artificial, over-perfumed smell of many products with natural aromas as well as plastic from the bathroom.

Conclusion: Body care without microplastics and without questionable ingredients is a good way to live in harmony with oneself and nature.