Everything you need to know about powder shower gel

Alles wichtige zum Duschgelpulver

What are the advantages of shower gel powder and how is it used?

In the development of environmentally friendly, sustainable and climate-friendly cosmetic and care products, the trend towards dry products is quite logical: if you reduce the water content of the products, you also reduce the weight and volume considerably - and this offers a lot of advantages in storage and transport.

Why is shower gel powder more environmentally friendly than liquid products?

This question is answered by Carina Benkert, Managing Director of the natural cosmetics manufacturer Jolu. "For one thing, shower powder can be filled and sold in paper and cardboard packaging. This is a step towards a plastic-free bathroom," describes Benkert. In addition to the advantages in transport, paper recycling is also much more resource-conserving and energy-saving than glass and plastic packaging. Moreover, a soap dispenser like the Jolu shower gel bottle made of bioplastic can completely replace conventional plastic packaging.

How does it feel to shower with shower gel made from powder?

" There is no difference between this and conventional shower gel. You only need to mix the shower powder with a little water and then you get a shower gel that is no different from the conventional one. The look, feel and scent correspond to those of liquid products - so the user doesn't have to do without anything," Carina Benkert points out. For her, there is only one difference: "When showering with shower gel made of powder, there is no guilty conscience. Because the natural product protects the environment and that gives a good feeling in the bathroom".

Is it time-consuming to mix your own shower gel from powder?

Making your own shower gel from powder is less time-consuming than making a pot of tea: Simply mix the shower powder with the desired amount of water in a mixing container and let it stand for ten minutes - then stir it again and transfer it to a soap dispenser. The finished product can be used immediately.

What should I look for in a good shower powder?

Quality features include vegan ingredients, natural cosmetics certification and the absence of harmful ingredients such as microplastics, silicones and parabens. Sustainably grown and fairly traded, palm oil-free raw materials are also positive factors. All this applies to the shower powders from Jolu, for example.