Soap made from powder - what is it?

Was ist Pulverseife?

Environmental care at home - soap made from powder by Jolu

The desire to produce less waste and do their bit to protect the environment is something that more and more people are pursuing. However, most of them do not know how to take the first step. In the household, for example, the soap powder from Jolu Natural Cosmetics is a good way to reduce plastic waste in the bathroom. After all, where better to take this step than in daily body care and hand hygiene? The soap powder comes to the consumer's home in packaging that is one hundred percent plastic-free. "The space-saving packaging not only makes it easy to store, but it also has a smaller ecological footprint when transported to the consumer's home," emphasises Carina Benkert, Managing Director of Jolu.  

Vegan, plastic-free and caring - soap made from powder 

In addition to sustainability, many consumers also attach importance to cosmetic and hygiene products being caring and made of purely plant-based ingredients. Soap powder is one hundred percent vegan, which means that the powder is free from animal testing and contains no ingredients that are derived from animals. It is also free of silicones, parabens and microplastics. "Frequent hand washing leads to irritated and dry skin. Jolu's soap ​powder is mild and has a nourishing effect that can help especially with sensitive hands. At the same time, it is in no way inferior to conventional soaps in terms of cleaning power," explains Carina Benkert.

How do you make soap from powder at home?

Making soap from powder works in a few simple steps: Simply mix the specified amount of water with powder and stir a few times at intervals. In this way, the powder-water mixture combines in a short time to form liquid soap that can be transferred to a soap dispenser. Two litres of liquid soap can be made from 60 grams of powder. "The yield, in turn, underlines the sustainability of the product. The powder soap is easy to use. It is an absolutely sustainable product for environmentally conscious consumers. Consequently, the formulation has also remained as simple as possible so that soap residues can be filtered out more easily later in the sewage treatment plant," informs Carina Benkert.