Solid shampoo: Very good results in the test

Festes Shampoo ist eine überzeigende Alternative

Solid shampoo is a convincing alternative to shampoo in plastic packaging

Ökotest gives a clear verdict: Most of the solid shampoos tested by the magazine scored "very good". This also includes the solid shampoo from Jolu Naturkosmetik. In all categories, the test product from Jolu's Shampoo Bar with the fragrance Lemon Orange scored top marks. What is the secret of the success of the solid shampoo? Managing Director Carina Benkert explains: "Today, our solid shampoos are not inferior to a commercial shampoo from a plastic bottle in any of its properties. By using surfactants, they do not wash alkaline or basic, so that no lime residues can accumulate in the hair. This means that the hair is neither brittle nor difficult to comb after washing with our solid shampoo.

Zero waste with solid shampoo

At the same time, the solid shampoos use environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging. The natural cosmetics for hair do not contain silicones, parabens, synthetic polymers or PEG/PEG derivatives. The solid shampoos from Jolu Naturkosmetik are also packed in a cardboard box - Jolu remains true to the zero-waste concept. The surfactants used in Jolu's solid shampoo are based on natural raw materials. "Jolu guarantees the natural and environmentally friendly ingredients with the ICADA seal," emphasizes Managing Director Carina Benkert. This seal identifies products that get by with relatively few additives and that are based on nature in their manufacture. In addition, products with the ICADA seal are typically sold by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Solid shampoo saves up to six plastic bottles a year

According to Ökotest, solid shampoos shine above all because they consciously avoid certain ingredients: no silicones, no parabens, no preservatives and no plastic packaging - these are the central arguments for these environmentally friendly products. Jolu quantifies the potential of solid shampoos: six plastic bottles of a conventional shampoo could be saved. "Another plus point of the solid shampoo is its yield. Up to 50 applications are conceivable. Users should only make sure that the solid shampoo can dry thoroughly after use," recommends Carina Benkert.