Solid shampoo: hair care without microplastics

Festes Shampoo ohne Mikroplastik

Solid shampoo rejects packaging waste and microplastics

Eco-friendly cosmetics and conscious care can be so easy, for example with solid shampoo . Why is sustainable body care important? It is not an exaggeration: the oceans and and land are drowning in rubbish. Packaging pile up in mountains and microplastics from cosmetics, car tires and the like threaten entire ecosystems. If everyone were to make a contribution to avoiding this, the world could breathe a sigh of relief in many places.

Environmentally friendly cosmetics can be very simple, for example with solid shampoo

The bathroom is a starting point. Instead of shampoo from a plastic bottle, hair can be cared for in an environmentally conscious way with solid shampoo. In line with the zero-waste movement, less packaging ends up in the waste. Shampoo bars can be used up to the last bit. Liquid shampoo, on the other hand, always ends up in the waste bin because of the way it is produced. It can be calculated: If you switch completely to solid shampoo, you will save an average of six standard plastic bottles of shampoo - year after year. If you now calculate a household with four people, you will avoid plastic waste in the bathroom 24 times in just one year.

Solid shampoo: Environmentally conscious hair care that is good for the hair and scalp

In the minds of many people, there is still the assumption that an environmentally conscious life is synonymous with renunciation. A lack of environmental awareness also has a lot to do with habit. Consumers sometimes believe that environmentally conscious behavior is complicated and can be restrictive. For example, they fear that solid shampoo can never take care of their own hair as well as conventional products. But the care and cleaning effect is the same. The fact is that questionable ingredients are not absolutely necessary for well-groomed hair and can even damage the scalp under certain circumstances. Brands like Jolu show that things can be done differently and in line with the quest for less plastic. As a solid shampoo, hair soap from Jolu is a plus for the environment and does not save on valuable ingredients. These are certified natural cosmetics with the ICADA seal. If you take a closer look at the ingredients, you will find neither microplastics nor silicones. Instead, plant extracts cleanse the hair and natural oils nourish it.