Sustainable body hygiene with shower powder

Nachhaltige Körperhygiene mit Duschpulver

How shower powder from sustainable production contributes to protecting the environment

Sustainable and environmentally friendly products for body care are increasingly in demand. "More and more consumers are consciously choosing cosmetics and care products that protect the environment and the climate," says Carina Benkert, Managing Director of the natural cosmetics manufacturer Jolu. "There are many ways to do this, for example to improve the CO2 balance of a product or to reduce waste." The production of dry products that are not mixed with water until they reach the end consumer is one such way, Benkert knows - and a particularly promising one.

Shower powder: less water, less weight and volume

"Cosmetic products contain up to 90 percent water," explains Carina Benkert. "If the end customer takes over the last step and adds the water himself, a lot of CO2 can be saved because the amount of liquid does not affect the transport weight." But the dry product also offers other advantages: Unlike liquid products, powders can also be transported, stored and sold in paper and cardboard packaging - and these in turn can be recycled in a much more environmentally friendly and energy-saving way than the plastic or glass packaging required for liquid products. This also saves climate-damaging gases, resources and energy.

From shower powder to shower gel: How the dry product is used

To turn the shower powder into a complete shower gel, only one step is missing, the addition of water. First, water and shower powder are mixed in a fixed ratio, stirred and left to stand for ten minutes. Then stir again, and that's it. The final product can then simply be poured into a shower gel bottle or dispenser and used. Those who also value vegan products will find shower powders in different fragrances at Jolu - without parabens, silicones or microplastics.