What is the correct way to use solid shower gel?

festes Duschgel Anwendung

Solid shower gel makes body care an environmental protection project

Conserving resources and keeping the sea and air clean - these demands can be supported by not using plastic. Solid shower gel is ideal  for  body hygiene.When it comes to personal hygiene, solid shower gel is a good choice. "Solid shower gel is gradually gaining acceptance as an alternative to body and hair care products such as shower gel or shampoo. Because environmentally conscious body care is a widespread trend. Many consumers now avoid products whose packaging and composition reveal plastic components," says Carina Benkert of Jolu Naturkosmetik. The company sells solid shower gel in its online shop and focuses on sustainable ingredients and packaging.

Solid shower gel: economical, resource-saving, environmentally friendly

Plastic in the bathroom not only pollutes the environment, but also in many cases your conscience and, last but not least, your wallet - because liquid or gel-like products usually contain water above all. In order for them to have a sufficient cleaning effect, the consumption must be correspondingly higher, which in turn requires more raw materials and produces more waste. Solid shower gel is a good alternative to conventional products of its kind, as it contains hardly any moisture and can be dosed sparingly accordingly. If the remaining ingredients are of organic origin and produced ecologically, the product fulfils further aspects of environmental protection. Last but not least, solid shower gel scores points for its plastic-free packaging, because as a dry product it can be transported like soap in paper or cardboard.

Solid shower gel as an alternative to synthetic active ingredients

But the aspects mentioned above alone are not enough to convince as a body care product. Especially people with sensitive, irritated or dry skin need a product that cleans and cares in equal measure - and perhaps even has additional properties. Solid shower gel made from natural / untreated raw materials can meet these requirements - if, as in the case of the products from the Jolu shower bar, for example, neither colourants, fragrances and preservatives nor mineral oils, silicones or parabens are used in its manufacture. Through the addition of clay or sea salt, solid shower gel unfolds an exfoliating effect and binds moisture. Essential oils from flowers or fruits provide aromas that have an invigorating or calming effect. "The quality of our solid shower soap is tested by an independent testing institute," emphasises Carina Benkert.