Why solid hand cream is a good alternative

Feste Handcreme ist umweltfreundlich

Solid hand cream: Environmentally friendly, practical and without microplastics

It can happen quickly: A leaking hand cream tube in your handbag. A good alternative is solid hand cream . It ensures that your hands are well cared for on the go, when traveling or at home. The stick can be easily pushed out of the cover and is then rubbed lightly over the skin, where the body heat activates the hand cream. The skin on the hands has comparatively few sebaceous glands that produce oil. This ensures that heavily stressed hands quickly become dry and even cracked. This can be caused by the cold, too dry heating air, cleaning agents or manual irritation. The result is burning, itchy and tight skin. Even small cracks can form through which germs and bacteria can penetrate. That is why it is good to take care of yourself to put solid hand cream.

Solid hand cream cares for chapped and dry hands with valuable ingredients

Jolu Naturkosmetik uses high-quality ingredients that are carefully processed in the factory. This has been rewarded, among other things, by "very good" ratings from Öko Test and the ICADA seal (ICADA quality mark for organic and natural cosmetics). The solid hand cream contains moisturizing, soothing meadowfoam oil, which nourishes the skin silky without being greasy. Candelilla wax protects the skin from drying out with a thin protective film. The African marula oil supplies the skin with the antioxidants vitamin C and E and moisture. Shea butter balances the skin's moisture balance. The result is supple and delicate hands.

From production to packaging: solid hand cream scores with sustainability

Although the effects of microplastics on the environment and humans have not yet been sufficiently researched and microplastics are difficult to break down, they are often found in cosmetics. Jolu, on the other hand, deliberately avoids the use of microplastics. Even the outer packaging is made of 100 percent recyclable natural fiber. In addition to sustainability, the social aspect is also important for Jolu Naturkosmetik. That's why it uses sustainably sourced ingredients and works with cooperatives in Uganda and Morocco, for example. Jolu also supports the Wakisa Ministries organization, which helps unintentionally pregnant girls and women.